Working in law enforcement is a challenging task that comes with a high degree of responsibility and stress. To show their appreciation for the hard work of police officers, many top insurance providers offer car insurance discounts for law enforcement. Simply being a member of a law enforcement agency will often provide you with a discounted rate, which is called an affinity discount. In addition, there are a host of additional discounts that can help you get the coverage that you need at the lowest price. 

Do Police Officers Get Discounts on Car Insurance?

Although they may offer discounts out of appreciation for all the hard work police officers do, insurance carriers are very practical about setting insurance rates. When setting their rates and discounts, car insurance companies largely consider the probability that a customer will be in an accident. Police officers are among several other groups of people that are considered low-risk drivers. According to insurance companies, compared to standard drivers, police officers have a more complete knowledge of traffic laws and rules of the road, which makes them less likely to be in an accident or receive a citation. Fewer accidents mean fewer claims. As a result, police officers are less risky for insurance providers to cover, which in turn allows the company to offer lower premiums.

It is important to keep in mind that insurance is regulated by state government. This means that an insurance company that offers coverage discounts in one state may not offer the same discount in another. In fact, car insurance rates may vary from city to city within the same state. Big cities with heavier populations tend to have higher car insurance rates—as a result of the higher risk of accidents. In order to ensure that you have the most accurate information, be sure to obtain quotes specific to your state and zip code. Most insurance companies will also request proof of your profession or membership of a particular organization, such as the Fraternal Order of Police or the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of the top companies offering car insurance discounts for law enforcement. 


The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) offers low insurance premiums and generous discounts to individuals who have served in the armed forces, as well as to their immediate family members. USAA's coverage extends to both active and retired members, and the company provides a variety of insurance options, in addition to car insurance. Although USAA does not specifically cover law enforcement officers, many retired service members go into law enforcement and can benefit from its lower rates.

If you or a member of your immediate family is a retired service member, be sure to check out the options available through USAA. In addition to offering lower initial premiums for car insurance, you can reduce your insurance expenditures by at least 25% through stacked discounts for bundling policies, safe driving, and defensive driving, among others.

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What Benefits Does USAA Offer to Law Enforcement Officials?

USAA has plenty of offerings that are thoughtfully designed to match the specific needs of those who work in law enforcement. One of USAA's best offerings for law enforcement is its liability coverage that financially protects you when you are found liable for damaging a government-owned vehicle. This, as well as its auto overseas coverage, ensures that you are protected at all costs. In addition, USAA offers a variety of exclusive services to its policyholders, such as car loan counseling, vehicle storage assistance, and roadside assistance. Additional perks include 24/7 support for credit card fraud, free tools to file your taxes, discounts on home security and travel, and the ability to set your billing date in accordance with your pay schedule.


A mainstay of affordable car insurance coverage, GEICO offers discounted rates of approximately 25% for members of certain groups, including some law enforcement organizations. While it may have a comparable discount percentage, its rates often start lower than other insurance companies, which can make their overall cost less. Similarly to all other insurance providers, GEICO's rates vary depending on the customer's location, driving history, credit score, vehicle model, and age—among other things. 

Although GEICO contracts for discounts with certain organizations, the discounts vary depending on the state. Coverage levels and payment plans are not available in all states or through all GEICO companies, and rates can vary. To get the best rate estimate, contact a local GEICO representative directly to discuss your rate and discount options. 

Police Officers in Select Organizations Can Receive Discounts With GEICO

GEICO partners with many organizations to provide discounts to their policyholders. If you're a police officer who is an active member of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, you may be eligible to receive a discount on your auto insurance. Before receiving your discount, you'll have to prove that you are part of the organization and keep your membership active. Other organizations include Young Government Leaders and Blacks in Government.

Farmers Insurance 

Farmers Insurance has been offering auto and home insurance for customers since 1928, and extensive experience allows it to tailor coverage, rates, and discounts to meet a variety of customer needs. Farmers Insurance often emphasizes that with their insurance, you can will be covered for just about anything that life throws at you. Policyholders can choose from various cover options, including personal injury protection, liability coverage, umbrella coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage—just to name a few.

I'm a Police Officer: How Can I Save Money With Farmers Insurance?

Additionally, its hefty list of discounts includes an affinity discount for numerous organizations, including law enforcement agencies and organizations, up to 25%. In addition, you can save up to 20% by bundling with other coverages. Initial rates may be higher with Farmers, depending on your driving history, age, and location, but the hefty discounts reduce the rate to be competitive with lower premiums from other carriers. 

It's also important to consider other ways that you can receive discounts with Farmers Insurance, such as driving safely, driving an older model, and increasing your deductible to receive lower monthly payments. As with other carriers, required coverage, premium rates, and discount availability vary by state and zip code. To be sure that you are making the most of your discounts, contact your local Farmers Insurance agent to discuss your options.


Nationwide representatives will do everything they can to ensure that customers in law enforcement get low premium rates. Premiums with Nationwide can be higher than average, depending on your location, age, driving history, and credit score, but you can get additional discounts for bundling and safe driving practices. In addition, it offers a variety of benefits that are particularly useful for law enforcement, including discounts on home security systems and identity theft insurance. 

You can rely on Nationwide because it is a reputable insurance provider that knows what policyholders seek. As a customer, you can receive basic insurance, such as coverage for liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical payments. Optional coverage that you can add to your policy includes towing and labor, gap coverage, and rental car coverage. Additionally, if you live in an eligible state, you may be able to add the Accident Forgiveness Program to your auto insurance policy. Nationwide's Accident Forgiveness Program allows you to keep your rate from increasing after the first accident that you cause.

Nationwide Supports the Police Officer Community

Not only does industry leader Nationwide offer affinity discounts of approximately 25% to its members in select law enforcement agencies, it provides additional support to police forces across the country through its Law Enforcement Program. It is proudly partnered with the police organization Below 100 to help reduce the quantity of line-of-duty deaths to under 100 individuals per year. In addition, it has hosted grant programs to provide protective vests to local law enforcement agencies, donated salvage vehicles for use as bait vehicles in insurance-related crimes, and worked directly with law enforcement liaisons to find other ways to assist the law enforcement community. 

Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates for Police Officers

While many major insurance providers across the United States offer car insurance discounts for law enforcement, it is still important to shop around in order to find the best rates for your needs. Since the amount of your insurance premium is strongly affected by the coverage levels and state laws, you will benefit most from talking with an agent who is licensed in your state. Not only will they be able to assist you with finding the best premium and discounts for your car insurance, they can help you bundle additional coverage and services particularly useful to police officers, such as off-duty firearm storage, home security, and identity theft protection.

Use Insurance Comparison Websites to Find Deals

One of the most effective ways to find deals on insurance is by comparing different insurance providers’ rates. Insurance comparison websites will be your best resource for evaluating your options. Insurance comparison websites allow you to see your cheapest options. They also provide reviews, resources, and general tips about insurance. Insurance providers will offer many of the same benefits, but insurance comparison sites will help you find the one that offers you the best value for your budget. These sites also allow you to find deals on home and life insurance. Our article, “Top Car Insurance Comparison Sites for the Lowest Rates (2021 Review),” reviews the 10 best insurance comparison sites, including The Zebra, BestInsurer, and NerdWallet. 

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