Planning an international trip can be very exciting, especially when deciding where to go, what to see, and how you plan to travel worldwide. Though international travel can be exciting, you must be prepared to have access to money, especially when you are in a country where you might not have easy access to pay for things.

Having a prepaid debit card is one way to ensure you have enough money and easy access to it while traveling. When shopping for a prepaid debit card, select those that can be used internationally and do not have hefty transaction fees.

Continue reading to learn more about selecting the best prepaid card for international travel:

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Chime Visit site

Chime is one of the best international prepaid debit cards with low foreign transaction fees. Additionally, there are no monthly fees, and you have free withdrawals from more than 60,000 ATM locations worldwide.

Chime offers checking and savings account options, which can be tied to your prepaid debit card, allowing you to access your money almost anywhere in the world.


Wise Visit site

Wise is the best prepaid card to use internationally because it allows for mid-market exchange rates with no hidden fees. Having a Wise prepaid debit card in your wallet will enable you to exchange the money into 40+ currencies using an auto convert feature, which gives you the best exchange rate before finalizing the conversion from USD to other currencies.

Benefits of having a Wise account and using their debit card internationally include having various options to send and receive money, no markup on exchange rates, and speedy money transfers. Additionally, the Wise prepaid debit card and account can be used to send payments to more than 70 countries and get paid quickly from more than 30 countries.


Netspend Visit site

Netspend is one of the best prepaid cards for international travel, especially if you need to or plan to deposit cash and checks while traveling. With over 130,000 physical reload locations worldwide and options to add funds electronically, having a Netspend account makes accessing your money while traveling easy.

Additionally, Netspend account holders can earn cash back and rewards based on their spending habits. Another benefit is having a purchase cushion of up to $10 to help if they run low on funds in the account.


Revolut Visit site

Revolut offers the best exchange rate for their international debit cards, with access to more than 25 currencies and opportunities to exchange with the mid-market rate based on your plan's limits. A Revolut debit card offers "no fees applied" withdrawals at more than 55,000 ATMs worldwide and ten no-fee international transfers monthly.

Ultimately, Revolut offers international travelers access to an account with a built-in currency exchange rate using a self-serve banking method. Revolut has one of the highest-rated, user-friendly mobile apps available for international travelers needing access to their money.


Serve Visit site

Order your Serve prepaid card online or pick one up at a participating retailer to avoid mailing delays. Plus, it is possible to reload your card at any authorized retailer or by using the mobile app.

Serve offers international travelers different debit card plans to help meet their financial needs while traveling, including some programs with cash-back options. Some of the plans available have fees, but each plan has unique features, allowing you to customize your debit card and make spending while traveling internationally easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Prepaid Debit Cards

International Prepaid Debit Cards - Women - Card - Phone

What is an international-prepaid debit card?

An international prepaid debit card is similar to a regular debit card attached to a bank account where the money is deposited and readily available when needed. However, unlike most bank accounts, you cannot overdraw the account, reducing the risk of extra fees when spending more money than is deposited.

These cards differ from regular bank account debit cards because they are set up to be used internationally, where users can exchange currency and use the card while traveling internationally. An international prepaid debit card also has lower fees associated with international transactions, purchases, and ATM withdrawals.

Where can I purchase an international prepaid debit card?

There are several different ways you can purchase an international prepaid debit card. Prepaid debit cards are available from many banks and authorized retail establishments, such as Target, Office Depot, and Walmart.

Where can I buy a prepaid international Visa card?
International Prepaid Debit Cards - Shopping - Visa Card

Prepaid international Visa cards are available at various locations, including online and physical stores. Some of the best places to purchase a prepaid international Visa card may consist of the following:

  • Walmart
  • Green Dot
  • Netspend
  • American Express
  • Target
  • Office Depot
  • Perfect Gift

Where can you buy international prepaid Visa gift cards online?

Several online retailers offer opportunities to purchase and reload international prepaid Visa gift and debit cards. Some of the most popular places to buy prepaid Visa gift and debit cards to use internationally include the following:

  • Target
  • Office Depot
  • Walmart
  • Perfect Gift

Can you get a travel money card over the counter?

If you are looking for a travel money card, visiting an authorized retailer to purchase the card over the counter is possible. Money cards can be purchased and loaded at authorized retailers and are ready to use on the spot.

You can purchase a travel money card online and have it shipped to your home. Allow five to seven business days for your new money card to arrive when requesting home delivery.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid travel cards?

International travelers experience advantages and disadvantages when using prepaid travel debit cards. Benefits include saving money on international exchange and purchase rates and avoiding hefty overdraft fees. Some disadvantages may include having no positive impact on credit scores and being limited to only what has been prepaid to the card.

Check the fine print on the card you wish to use to see what features, fees, and limits are associated with the prepaid international debit card.

What is the best prepaid debit card for international travel?

International Prepaid Debit Cards

The best prepaid debit card for international travel depends significantly upon where you plan to visit and your financial needs. Some of the highest-rated prepaid debit cards for international travel include Chime, Wise, and Revolut. These cards do not have ongoing fees and offer currency exchanges with no additional foreign transaction fees.

Which debit card is best for overseas spending?

When planning on spending money overseas, using a prepaid debit card can provide you with a secure way to carry and spend your money. One of the best debit cards for overseas spending is Revolut, which does not carry an ongoing fee and has low foreign transaction fees.

Which debit card can be used internationally?

Most bank-issued debit cards can be used internationally. However, a high foreign transaction fee is typically charged separately from the purchase. Getting a prepaid debit card can reduce these fees while giving you access to your money while traveling internationally. Debit cards that can be used internationally include Revolut, Chime, Capital One, and Santander.

What prepaid card has no foreign transaction fee?

International Prepaid Debit Cards  - Transaction Fee

Wise, Chime, and Revolut accounts offer prepaid debit cards with no foreign transaction fees. Additionally, these prepaid international debit cards do not carry any ongoing fees.

Can a prepaid Visa cards be used online internationally?

Yes, you can use prepaid Visa cards to make online purchases internationally. Before using your prepaid debit card to make the purchase, check the card's terms and conditions for specific restrictions, requirements, and fees associated with making the purchase. Some restrictions, such as limited acceptance or additional fees, may apply for foreign transactions.

Are there any fee-free prepaid debit cards?

There are prepaid debit cards with no fees for international use. The best cards with no monthly fees include Chime and Revolut international prepaid debit cards.

Is it worth getting a prepaid travel card?

International Prepaid Debit Cards - Airport - Card - Women

A prepaid travel card is worth it because it offers lower foreign transaction fees. Using these cards can help save you significant amounts of money, especially if you plan on spending a lot while traveling internationally.

Using prepaid debit cards eliminates the need to worry about exchanging your currency while traveling, because the card company automatically converts the money during the transaction. Additionally, prepaid cards help limit spending and provide greater security than traveling with large amounts of cash.

Depending upon the international prepaid debit card you choose, you can also have your paycheck directly deposited on the card while traveling, so you can access your money as you are paid.

Can prepaid MasterCards be used anywhere?

Using prepaid MasterCards offers many benefits when traveling internationally, including using the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Is it safe to use prepaid travel cards?

International Prepaid Debit Cards - Travel Cards - Man

Using prepaid debit cards is typically safe to use, especially if you follow standard safety and security protocols, such as keeping account details and PINs a secret.

If your international prepaid debit card is lost or stolen, you can freeze the money or cancel the card using the app. Since the card is not linked to your personal bank account, the money in your account will remain safe. Select prepaid debit card companies, such as Revolut, offer virtual cards that can be added as an additional layer of security when shopping with new merchants.

Are my deposits on an international prepaid debit card protected?

Most reputable prepaid debit card companies offer levels of consumer protection as regulated by the FDIC. The card provider or the bank they work with is FDIC insurance, which protects the money deposited on your card until you spend it.

If something were to happen to the financial institution where your money is deposited, FDIC insurance protects it up to $250,000 per account.

Will I be anonymous when using a prepaid debit card?

International Prepaid Debit Cards - Visa Card - iPhone - Shopping

Using prepaid debit cards is not done anonymously. Standard financial rules banks use apply when using a prepaid debit card at home and internationally. Most retail locations will ask you to show photo identification when using the card to verify who you are.

All international prepaid debit cards listed above require consumers to provide identification to help comply with laws and keep consumers and their money safe and secure.

How do I load additional money onto my international prepaid debit card?

Depending on the card company you select, loading additional money onto a prepaid debit card can easily be done using various methods. Some methods you can use to reload extra money onto your international prepaid debit card may include the following:

  • Direct deposit of paychecks or government benefits
  • Transfer money from your bank's checking or savings account
  • Deposit cash or checks by visiting a physical location
  • Use the app to add checks electronically

Can I get a prepaid debit card if I am not a US citizen?

International Prepaid Debit Cards - US citizen

Immigrants or non-US citizens may need help getting US-bank-issued credit cards, but can purchase prepaid debit cards for international travel. Some US banks, such as American Express, Merit, and Deserve EDU, allow immigrants and non-US citizens to apply for credit cards.

When planning to travel internationally, check out the different options for using prepaid debit cards to make purchases less costly and secure. The prepaid debit cards outlined above offer lower foreign transaction fees and easy access to your money while traveling the world. Before choosing the best prepaid debit card for international travel, look into each card's features, fees, and benefits to determine the best option for your global spending needs.

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