Life insurance is not a depressing preparation for death. It is a financial investment. Yes, it protects your loved ones in the event of your untimely demise, but it also offers security and financial opportunity. When you are 35 years old, death isn't likely to come knocking. That is why it is an excellent time to find the best providers with cheap life insurance policies for 35-year-olds — before you are considered a higher risk. 

The premium, or monthly cost of your life insurance, is dependent on risk. Common factors computed to calculate a life insurance premium are: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Medical history
  • Lifestyle
  • Family medical history
  • Height and weight
  • Tobacco use
  • Occupation

Some life insurance companies will dig deep to offer you a large benefit at an optimal price. Others won't even require a medical exam, but this typically means a smaller benefit at a higher cost. There are many variations of life insurance policies that offer everything from funeral costs to financial opportunities, and it is important to do your research or speak with an agent to understand them all. 

Why Get Life Insurance at 35 Years Old? 

The reasons for getting life insurance at 35 years old are not limited to your lower risk due to life expectancy. They also include lifestyle factors that increase responsibility and those who depend on you. 

The average 35-year-old has a spouse and children. He or she may be caring for an aging parent who needs special care. These people will not only suffer emotionally from your death, but they might suffer financially, as well. The loss of your income and potential inheritance of your debt could be life-altering for those who depend on you the most. 

Life insurance can also be an investment opportunity, with some policies offering dividends or accumulating cash value. This can provide the opportunity for a low-interest loan from your own policy, which reduces your death benefit until the loan is repaid but can provide a financial security net. 

Thirty-five years old is not too late to take advantage of low insurance premiums due to increased life expectancy. There's also no buyer's remorse because the benefit of security for your loved ones is better understood. 

Compare Prices From Cheap Life Insurance Providers for 35-Year-Olds to Get the Best Deal on Life Insurance

The best cheap life insurance for a 35-year-old can only be found if you do some shopping. There are many companies out there willing to compete for your business, and you can find a quality life insurance policy for a low price. 

Many life insurance providers for 35-year-olds provide features on their websites, so you can quickly get an idea of how much your monthly or annual payment will be. Some require additional documentation and medical exams, but this can provide the proof necessary to get a good rate. You have to weigh your risk factors, premiums, and the amount of time you are willing to spend to find the best policy. 

Consider These Six Insurance Providers If You Are 35 Years Old

SelectQuote Insurance

  • Types of Policy: Term life
  • Limits: Up to 5 million 
  • Who Can Get Coverage: Females and males; age is insurer-dependent (typically up to 85)
  • Notes: SelectQuote prides itself on having knowledgeable agents, quality coverage, and prices that will suit your budget. They've been in business since 1985, and this shows in their service. If you are looking for an easy life insurance purchase but also one that will protect your loved ones from financial duress, this is the company for you. 
Policy type Coverage Average Cost
10-year-term $500K Average cost of a Life Insurance policy for a 35-yr-old is $16.89/month for males and $14.56/ month for females

Sproutt Insurance

  • Types of Policy: Term, whole, universal, and variable universal 
  • Limits: Up to 5 million
  • Who Can Get Coverage: Females and males; age is insurer-dependent (typically up to 85)
  • Notes: Customer reviews claim Sproutt is very transparent and offers competitive prices because it is an independent insurance broker. They have an easy online platform and many policies that don't require a medical examination. 

A healthy 35-yr-old man buying a 20-year term life policy of $500,000 coverage, the monthly premium will be an average of $22.33/mo. But a healthy 35-year-old woman would pay an average of $21.16/mo.

Ladder Insurance

  • Types of Policy: Term life 
  • Limits: Up to 8 million
  • Who Can Get Coverage: Females and males until 60 years of age
  • Notes: This company only offers term life insurance, but it offers it at an affordable rate from a reputable insurer. The process is simple, and it is 100% digital. You don't need a medical exam, and you can lower your coverage when appropriate (such as when your children reach adulthood). 

A healthy 35-year-old man buying a $500,000 coverage and a 20-year term life policy, his monthly premium would be an average of $23 per month. But a healthy 31-year-old woman would pay an average of $20 monthly.

Leap Life Insurance

Leap Life Insurance
  • Types of Policy: Term, whole, and universal
  • Limits: Up to 5 million
  • Who Can Get Coverage: Females and males up to 85 years old
  • Notes: Leap Life Insurance offers many options for its customers, including convertible policies and easy online service. An applicant will have access to multiple quotes and agents should there be any questions or issues. 
Policy type Coverage Average Cost
20-year-term $500K A Life Insurance policy pemium for a 35-yr-old would be $23.18/month for males and $19.65/ month for females
20-year-term $1.M 35 years old Women would pay 33.19/mo, and men would pay 37.11/mo

Bestow Insurance

  • Types of Policy: Term life 
  • Limits: Up to 1.5 million
  • Rate: Premiums as low as $10/month
  • Who Can Get Coverage: Females and males up to age 60
  • Notes: Bestow simplifies the life insurance process by only offering term life insurance. It is an online, instant, no-medical-exam-required insurance company. There aren't options aside from term life insurance, but Bestow makes purchasing insurance quick and easy. 

For example, 35 years old males would pay an average rate of $27 per month when buying a 20-year term policy with $500K coverage. But 35-year-old healthy females would pay $23.10.

Fabric Life Insurance

Fabric Life Insurance
  • Types of Policy: Term life insurance
  • Limits: Up to 5 million, or 1.5 million for no-exam policies
  • Who Can Get Coverage: Females and males up to 50 years old
  • Notes: Fabric customers give their life insurance company high ratings because it is very easy to get the policy. Fabric claims it only takes one minute to take their insurance quiz. These policies are easier to get with lower limits because that limits medical exam requirements, and the company issues policies through Vantis Life. 

States With the Best Policy Premiums for 35-yr-old Females and Males

For a 10-year term policy, $500K coverage:

State Average Monthly Cost
Ohio The average Life Insurance cost for 35 yr olds in Ohio is $16.70 per month for male and $13.55 per month for a female.
Kentucky The average Life Insurance monthly premium for 35 years olds in Kentucky is  $13.55 for females and $16.11 for males.
Florida The average Life Insurance premium in Florida for a 35 years old is $17.99 per month for a female and $20.10 per month for a male.
Illinois The average premium of a Life Insurance for 35 yr-olds in Illinois is $12.59/month females and $15 males
Minnesota The average Life Insurance rate in the state of Minnesota for a 35 years-old is $16 monthly for a female and $19 monthly for a male
Michigan The average Life Insurance cost for 35 yr olds in Michigan is $22.10 per month for male and $19.17 per month for a female.
Massachusetts The average Life Insurance premium in Massachusetts for a 35 years old is $19.69 per month for a female and $21 per month for a male.

Does Gender Matter When Shopping for Life Insurance? 

All of the insurance companies listed previously offer their policies to women and men alike. However, your gender does matter when you are shopping for life insurance

The reason gender matters is because of risk. For some insurance companies, age is the primary risk factor, followed by gender as a second. The reasons for this are multi-faceted but include: 

  1. Men are more likely to have dangerous or risky jobs.
  2. Statistically, men are more likely to engage in risky behaviors. 
  3. The life expectancy of men is about five years less than that of women. 
  4. Men are likely to develop chronic health conditions earlier than women. 

Each risk factor makes assumptions based on statistics, which is why a healthy, relatively safe person shopping for life insurance should look at the insurance companies' rating factors. Those that include more questions about health, lifestyle, and wellness may offer lower rates for men who present less of a risk. Conversely, women who engage in risky lifestyle behaviors may want to steer clear of these companies. 

Make Sure You Are Looking at Multiple Options When Shopping for Life Insurance

The world of life insurance is complex, and for the average person at 35 years of age, nearly every option is available at an affordable price. Still, you want to make sure you are optimizing your coverage and your life insurance policy's "bang for your buck."

The best way to start looking for insurance is to consider what would happen if you lost your life prematurely. Who would suffer the most from a financial sense? Would it help to be able to pay off the house and car, so your family could survive on a lower income? Benefits obtained from your policy could be instrumental in getting your elderly loved ones the care they need in your absence. At the very least, a small policy can ensure that nobody else is responsible for your funeral expenses. 

Additionally, life insurance can provide a great investment opportunity. Most people aren't getting rich off of life insurance, but some life insurance policies can serve a dual purpose as a savings account that can be borrowed against if the need arises. With a term life policy, you don't pay as high of a premium. But those premiums are lost once the policy expires if there are no alternative options (i.e., convertibility or extensions). 

If You Are 35 Years Old, Shop Around for Life Insurance

Your third decade of life is the perfect time to shop around for life insurance because you are likely to find excellent coverage at an affordable rate. The best insurance can only be found by shopping around, which is why it is best to use companies that will do some of the research for you. 

Compare life insurance prices from different cheap life insurance providers for 35-year-olds by clicking below. You'll gain access to the best insurance policies at the best rates, and you can rest easy knowing your family or loved ones are financially protected in the unfortunate event of your death. You might also find a secure investment opportunity!

Cheap Life Insurance Quotes by Age

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