For any number of reasons, a person may own a car without having a license. While this is perfectly fine, it leads to questions about insurance. Car insurance is often expensive, but it is a necessity for any car owner. This post is for those who would like to insurance a car that don't yet have a license. Not for people who've had their license suspended due to traffic violations or DUIs. That being said, can a person without a driver’s license find discounts on their car insurance?

If you do not have a license, you can still have affordable car insurance. It will be harder to find an insurance carrier that will take you on, but it is possible. Even without a license, there are still options for you if you are seeking lower insurance prices.

If you believe you need car insurance and cheaply but do not have a license, there are plenty of options for you. It is not the easiest to find affordable insurance on your own, but keep reading, and you may find what works for you.

Getting Car Insurance Discounts Without a License

Car insurance discounts are an important aspect of the industry. People want their car insurance, and they want it cheaply. Those who do not have a license for any reason may not believe they can take advantage as well. However, plenty of licenceless car owners do.

Some conventional ways of getting a car insurance discount can work for those without their license. Something to consider is that insurance rates vary from company to company. Do your research and do not give in to the first price you see, even if it can be tough to find a willing insurance carrier.

There are a lot of factors taken into consideration before a price is determined for your insurance. If you do not have a license but have solid credit and a history of safe driving, you are generally going to be trusted by insurance companies. It is important to maintain these levels of credibility, though.

Car insurance discounts can also be found before you even have purchased a car. Depending on the make and model of your car, insurance will vary. Companies consider the car’s safety score and its price. A cheaper, safe car will generally lead to lower insurance costs, even if you do not have a license.

Reasons for Not Having a License and Car Insurance

Car insurance is not easy to get if you do not have a license. But methods exist to find the right insurance for the right price. However, these methods differ depending on what insurance policies you are seeking and why you do not have a license. Below is a list of possible options depending on your situation:

  • Non-Primary Drivers: If you own a car but are not the primary driver, being added to the primary driver’s policy is a great idea. Doing this allows for cheaper insurance since a responsible second party is a part of the driver’s policy. This option is an especially great idea for parents without a license with driving kids.
  • Your Licence is Revoked: If you were a driver whose license has been revoked, it is still possible to find insurance and at solid rates. It can also apply if you have a personal driver. In any case, if you are being driven or if you are not the primary driver of your car anymore, auto coverage can be found.

There are many ways to find auto-insurance even if you do not have a license, but companies want to know why you are without a license. From health reasons to simply not wanting to be a driver yourself, low-cost policies are out there.

Why You Should Get Car Insurance, License or Not

Not only can you have a car insurance policy without a driver’s license, but there can be monetary incentives to do so. If you are still questioning whether car insurance is for you as someone without a license, read here:

  • Expense: Cars are expensive to maintain, so you are going to want insurance for your vehicle. Not having a license does not mean your insurance has to be expensive. Car owners without a license can find generous insurance policies either by being a part of someone else’s insurance or if they are collectors. 
  • Liability: If you are the owner of a car but not its primary driver, having an uninsured driver on the road can be dangerous and can damage your insurance later on. Whether or not you have a license, you would want your car to be insured.

The bottom line is if you are without a license, insurance is still necessary for many reasons. Policies are not necessarily expensive, either. Depending on what your insurance is meant to cover, plenty of normal routes to becoming insured is possible.

Car Insurance and Teen Drivers

Teen drivers who have their permits are entitled to car insurance and even some deals. If a teen is not covered under an existing policy, there are options for individual policies, with some companies offering cheaper premiums for new-driving teens. Because of this, It is possible to save on insurance costs if you are a parent without a license.

Teen drivers that take driver education courses or other specialized classes are entitled to benefits under most companies’ insurance plans. This is also true for any primary driver. Most insurance agents, if asked, will tell you about their discounted offers for new drivers.

Having teen drivers in your policy can still be an issue for insurance providers. On average, your rates will increase when a teen driver is added to your policy, but with specialized discounts such as good student discounts and advanced driving courses, you can see your costs reduced more than ever.

Who Is the Primary Driver?

A major reason for getting insurance without a license is if you, as a car owner, will not be driving your car. What this means is that a primary driver has to be determined in cases of standard auto insurance. This problem can seem hard to deal with, but it is a fairly straight forward process that insurance agents can help you with.

Insurance companies typically just need the name of the primary driver on their forms. This is the person who will be using the car the most. It is important to remember that their driving history will matter here. If you are seeking insurance deals and cheaper insurance, your primary driver needs a positive driving history.

If you seek cheap, discounted insurance, a primary driver with marks on their record is a bad sign to the insurance company. In these cases, you should rethink who the cars’ primary driver should be because otherwise, you will be noticing higher rates.

Named Drivers

A named driver is a driver that is listed under your vehicle’s insurance. By nature, they do not drive the car as much as a primary driver. If you want other members of your household or family members covered by insurance, they will become named drivers.

For a car owner without a license, this is not a big deal. It is a standard insurance procedure, but if you are seeking budgeted insurance options, more named drivers can be an issue.

If the odds of accidents are increased, or if you have multiple named drivers with legal issues such as DWIs in the past, you could see much higher rates than normal.

Luckily, there is an option to exclude specific people from your policy. This is not for every situation but is a solid option if you need to keep someone from driving and want to save on money. An excluded driver is simply not allowed, under your insurance, to drive your car. This can keep your rates lower.

Ways to Find the Right Deals

Finding the right deals as someone without a license can be rough. Some larger insurance companies may still allow you to insure with them, but you can expect higher rights than normal. Instead, budget, basic policies are your best bet for finding deals and discounts. Listed here are some ways to find what works for you:

  • Go for Local Insurance: Local insurance companies often have lower rates than national companies. As with most insurance companies, they will still be thorough. Expect an in-depth look at your primary driver from any company that you are considering.
  • Find New Insurers: Occasionally, if you switch insurers, you can find better deals with your new company. These policies encourage customers to come to them, and you can take full advantage even without a license.

There are many discounts and ways to save on costs for your auto insurance. Without a license, you may have to jump through some hoops, but ultimately with a primary driver plan, most companies will allow you their usual benefits.

Rate Comparison Websites

If you need more information about auto insurance rates, search up one of the many trusted rate-comparison websites. Using your zip code and some information about your car and potential drivers, you can find rates compared from large businesses to local.

These rate comparison programs can help you find the best-priced insurance for what you need. It is worth using all of the tools at your disposal as a car owner without a license. These websites offer you a way to keep track of where to go and what to do.

It is important as someone without a license to keep most options on the table. While you want well-priced insurance and the best deals possible, certain companies may exclude you outright. Continue to seek out businesses, especially local insurers, and you can probably find yourself with a fair insurance policy fairly fast.

Credit Rating and Your Costs

Credit rating does more than affect your credit. If you have a solid credit rating, you can find some serious benefits with insurance companies as you are automatically considered a more trustworthy customer.

Insurance companies often view your record to vet you. While this is not agreed upon within the industry, it is common for most insurers, from big to small.

Keeping your credit rating high allows your insurer to offer better deals to you, and a great credit rating is essential for someone without a license. It is a way to gain the trust of the insurance company immediately, so do not look it over when considering your options.

Your Discount Options

There is a surprising amount of discount options that drivers without their licenses can still take advantage of. These discounts typically do not relate to you as a driver, rather, other members of your policy. Two major options can be found below:

  • Look for Affiliation Discounts: For the primary driver of your insurance policy, an affiliation discount can be the key to low rates. Many companies from large to small will offer rates for certain types of people. Educators, government workers, military members, and more can be considered for discounts.
  • Look for Good Driver Discounts: Most discounts will be thoroughly vetted by an insurance company whether or not you hold a driver’s license. A good driver discount is no different. If your primary driver is young or has taken specialized driving courses, your policy could be entitled to discounts.

These discounts apply to most insurance companies as incentives to switch over to them. While being a policyholder without a license can be seen as a risk to these businesses, you will see you may have better premiums than even the average policyholder if you take advantage of these discounts.

Car-Based Discounts

Car-based discounts are important because these discounts are based on your vehicle. Due to this, they are some of your easier options for discounts as a licenseless policyholder. Some types of car-based discounts can be found here:

  • Safety Rating Discount: A car’s safety rating can affect your premiums for the better. If your car includes safety-based technology such as automatic braking and collision detection, you could be looking at a lower all-around price for that car’s policy.
  • New Vehicle Discount: This type of discount may vary by company, but a new vehicle is typically within the range of 0-3 years old. If you are in the market for a new car and also want to begin looking into insurance, finding new vehicle discounts is a quick way to save some costs on your premiums.

These options are great ways to quickly slash your insurance costs and should be considered for a person without a license. You do not have to look far for car-based discounts. Call local insurance companies to find out their policies, and you may even find they are willing to negotiate.

Negotiate with Insurance Agents

If you are seeking the lowest prices possible for your insurance rates, speak with an agent either over the phone or person to person. Insurance companies want your business, and there are usually more money-saving options than you think hidden within their policies.

If you have already been with the company for some time, use that to your advantage. In other situations where you are browsing for insurance policies, it is a good idea to mention that you have insurance elsewhere. Oftentimes there are discounts for switching insurance providers that can save you big.

Agents are also available if you have specific policy questions. If an aspect of the price seems confusing to you, make sure you voice this confusion and figure out if you are better off with a different policy. Or with a different company altogether.

Speaking with insurance agents can lead to other unknown benefits. There may be offers that are not advertised or policies that you can take advantage of that most do not know about. An insurance agent can even help you with your next moves to lower your costs.

Suspended Licenses and Insurance Rates

A possible reason that someone is without a license is that their license has been suspended. It is sometimes still necessary to have insurance if your state requires you to be covered. A suspended license is typically bad news for the cost of your insurance. But there are ways to reduce these added costs:

  • Exclude Yourself: If you legally exclude yourself as a driver from your car, you can maintain fairly low rates depending on the reason for your license suspension. This is especially important if you have other drivers as part of your policy or intend to add other drivers.
  • See What’s Available: If you have not been dropped by your provider due to your suspension, it may be a good opportunity to drop them. Your rates will most likely have skyrocketed due to your suspension, but other insurance companies may take you on. Lower rates from these other companies are possible.

A suspended license is not the end of the world for your insurance rates. There are ways to cut costs and still maintain a solid insurance policy while doing it. Suspension does differ from not having a license by choice, but by asking around and researching as many different insurance companies as you can help you to lower your expenses.


Car insurance discounts are possible for someone without a license. Companies generally take someone’s history into account before offering their prices. Research companies to find the ones that will accept you, and focus on seeking out various kinds of discounts, be it for your primary driver’s type of employment or the car you own.

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