Jewelry can be one of the most special purchases of your life. Whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring or looking for a necklace with your birthstone, you’re purchasing an item that will have a special meaning to you and your loved ones. Something that you buy today can be passed down through each generation of your family. This jewelry, however, can come at a big price. When special occasions come up and the jewelry store calls your name, it’s best to be as financially prepared as possible. Some of the most popular jewelry stores in the United States offer in-house credit cards that can help you make those big and important purchases with ease.  

More than ever, online jewelry retailers are offering in-house credit cards that customers can use for their purchases. After evaluating some of the top online jewelry stores, there are five that offer great credit cards. Shane Co., Jared, Zales, Kay Jewelers, and Pandora provide the best credit cards that offer customers flexible payment plans and exclusive offers. 

These credit cards not only offer flexibility in payments, but they also offer card holders exclusive access to deals, sales, and events. Fine jewelry is a special purchase that holds meaning and memories. When making these big purchases, it’s important to have financial flexibility. When choosing which jewelry store to open a credit card at, make sure it’s one that suits your purpose. Opening a credit card at a jewelry store grants you financial freedom, and it also gives you the opportunity to boost your credit score. 

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Factors to Consider Before Opening an In-store Credit Card

When picking which in-store credit card to apply for, consider looking at your favorite jewelry store to see what they have available. It’s important to consider the factors that you would for any other type of credit card. Factors like interest rate, annual fees, credit limits, and more, all matter for in-store credit cards. Beginning the research process, it’s important to set boundaries and a budget. Be aware of the maximum interest rates that you are willing to pay, as well as what the minimum monthly payments will look like. If you do this research and find that owning the card credit card will exceed your budget, then it will not be worth it to open the account. 

Additionally, before you open a store credit card, make sure that you understand all of the fine print in the policies and agreements. Not doing this primary research can result in risky financial situations, and it can ultimately put your credit score at risk. Lastly, do research on the types of rewards you can receive as a cardholder. If earning cash back or receiving points is important to you, make sure you look for a store that offers these types of bonuses. In the long run, this can save you money if you tend to get all of your jewelry needs at one store. 

When deciding which jewelry store to open a credit card with, consider these important factors. Just like when you open a credit card with a bank, it’s important to know what you’re signing up for. If not, you may end up in a hard financial situation.

  • Interest rates
  • Minimum monthly payment
  • Annual fees
  • Credit limit 
  • Rewards system
  • Cancellation policies 
  • Other policies and agreements
  • Your personal budget

The 5 Best Jewelry Stores That Offer In-House Credit

Some of the most popular jewelry retailers in the United States, such as Pandora and Zales, offer great deals on in-store credit cards. These five national jewelry stores that we have selected all have their own benefits and features if you open up a credit card with them. When determining which one will work best for you, consider your purpose for opening the account. This will help differentiate between the basic features that you need and the extra perks that aren’t quite as necessary. 

Shane Co.

Shane Co.
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Shane Co. is one of the largest jewelry retailers in the country, offering a wider range of jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, pearls, diamonds, and more. Customers can choose between various repayment options and interest rates, allowing them to choose the best financial option for them. With no annual fees and affordable monthly payments, customers can comfortably repay their purchases and enjoy their jewelry at the same time. In addition, Shane Co. makes managing the credit card easy for the customers. By having access to an online management system, customers can make payments and manage their accounts easily. Lastly, card holders at Shane Co. receive exclusive perks, such as free overnight shipping during the holiday season and first looks at merchandise. 


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Another great option for in-house credit at a jewelry store is Jared. What Jared refers to as The Gold Credit Card offers qualified customers various repayment options that give them the flexibility to make big jewelry purchases. Card holders can choose between repayment plans that range from 12 months all the way to 48 months. Customers will appreciate being able to look through various plans and choose the best one for them. For instance, while some repayment plans require a down payment, others do not. Additionally, all of the repayment plans require minimum purchases. To help you choose which payment option is best for you, Jared’s website offers a chart that allows you to compare each option. Once they choose a plan, customers are able to easily manage their accounts online and make purchases on time. 


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When you get approved for the Diamond Card at Zales, you gain access to some of the best deals and perks offered by any jewelry store. Owning a Diamond card offers customers exclusive benefits, including $50 off on your birthday, free shipping, and 10% off of any repair service. Because of this is a great card to consider if you want the security of keeping your jewelry in good shape. Diamond card holders will also receive reminders for jewelry cleanings and inspections, as well as exclusive coupons. Additionally, customers can choose between various repayment options that even offer zero interest if the purchase is paid off within a certain time frame. 

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers
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Kay Jewelers has one of the most basic in-house credit options, but it is still worth considering. Card holders will receive special birthday offers, a card holder anniversary offer, and entries into occasional sweepstakes. The Kay Jewelers credit card offers two repayment timelines: 12 months or 36 months. For the 12-month repayment option, customers must make a minimum purchase of $500 and make a down payment. For customers who are looking for engagement rings or wedding bangs, the 36-month option is one to consider. Customers are eligible for this repayment plan when they make a minimum bridal purchase of $3,000. 


Pandora Visit site

Pandora might not be the first jewelry store that comes to mind, but it’s rising popularity over the years has made it one of the top retailers in the country. The Pandora Preferred Credit Card gives you benefits as soon as you open your account. On your first purchase with the credit card, you will receive 10% off. In addition, you will receive deals on your birthday, exclusive sales events where you will receive VIP access, and free Pandora jewelry cleanings. Pandora makes managing your credit card easy with its online management system where you can make and schedule online payments, as well as update your account information. With this credit card, you will have the option of choosing between six months and 12 months to repay your purchases. 

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