Buying furniture and decorating your living space can be one of the most expensive parts of having your own place. Whether you are a homeowner or rent an apartment, the costs of furniture can easily add up. Before you realize it, all the items that you’ve added to your checklist have totaled up to $3,000 or more. Quality furniture isn’t cheap, and furniture is often an expense that we’re not prepared to pay immediately. As a result, more and more online furniture stores offer in-store credit cards that not only help you pay off your purchases little by little, but also help you earn rewards for future purchases. 

So which online furniture stores offer the best credit cards? After evaluating the financial programs offered by top online jewelry stores, I’ve selected five stores that offer credit cards that provide the most flexible payment plans and exclusive rewards for card holders. These five online furniture stores are Ashley HomeStore, IKEA, Crate&Barrel, Rooms To Go, and Pottery Barn. 

In-store credit cards are the perfect way to make bigger purchases that require time to pay off. If you have an in-store credit card at an online furniture store, you can use it to buy more expensive furniture and decor, such as bed frames, couches, tables, and chairs. Additionally, many online furniture stores also include cardholders in their reward system, where customers can receive points for their purchases, earn cash back, and more. Owning a store credit card is also a simple way to boost your credit score. By responsibly making your payments, you can enjoy the benefits of the store credit card and make all of your furniture and decor dreams come true. 

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Factors to Consider Before Opening an In-store Credit Card

When picking which in-store credit card to apply for, consider looking at your favorite furniture store to see what they have available. It’s important to consider the factors that you would for any other type of credit card. Factors like interest rate, annual fees, credit limits, and more, all matter for in-store credit cards. Beginning the research process, it’s important to set boundaries and a budget. Be aware of the maximum interest rates that you are willing to pay, as well as what the minimum monthly payments will look like. If you do this research and find that owning the card credit card will exceed your budget, then it will not be worth it to open the account. 

Additionally, before you open a store credit card, make sure that you understand all of the fine print in the policies and agreements. Not doing this primary research can result in risky financial situations, and it can ultimately put your credit score at risk. Lastly, do research on the types of rewards you can receive as a cardholder. If earning cash back or receiving points is important to you, make sure you look for a store that offers these types of bonuses. In the long run, this can save you money if you tend to get all of your furniture needs at one store. 

When deciding which furniture store to open a credit card with, consider these important factors. Just like when you open a credit card with a bank, it’s important to know what you’re signing up for. If not, you may end up in a sticky financial situation.

  • Interest rates
  • Minimum monthly payment
  • Annual fees
  • Credit limit 
  • Rewards system
  • Cancellation policies 
  • Other policies and agreements
  • Your personal budget

The 5 Best Online Furniture Stores to Open an In-store Credit Card 

Some of the most popular online furniture stores in the United States, such as Pottery Barn and IKEA, offer great deals on in-store credit cards. These five national, online furniture stores that I have selected all have their own benefits and features. When determining which one will work best for you, consider your purpose for opening the account. This will help differentiate between the basic features that you need and the extra perks that aren’t quite as necessary. 

Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore
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Ashley HomeStore is one of the most popular furniture stores in the United States, offering a huge selection of furniture for all types of homes. With its Ashley Advantage online financing program, you can apply for in-store credit by choosing between four different plans. Each plan has its own unique features, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For instance, some can only be used to make online purchases, while others can only be used in the store. Customers with credit cards have easy access to an app where they can make payments and see their purchase history. In addition to holding the credit card, you can also become an Orange rewards member and receive exclusive deals. 


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IKEA is one the largest furniture retailers in the world—and although IKEA is well known for its affordable prices, it still offers some of the best in-store credit card options. If you’re a fan of IKEA’s selection, either of its two credit card options are worth considering. The first in-store credit card that IKEA offers is the IKEA Visa Credit Card. This credit card is the better option for those who plan to make frequent charges. With sweet offerings like 5% back in rewards, no annual fee, and $25 off of your first purchase of $25 or more, this credit card is full of benefits that never stop. The second credit card option is the IKEA Projekt Card. Customers who only plan on making a few purchases every once in a while will enjoy the advantages of having this card, such as 0% interest. Crate&Barrel 


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Crate&Barrel There are two Crate and Barrel options: the Crate and Barrel Credit Card and the Crate and Barrel MasterCard. Both of these cards offer customers amazing deals that all furniture fans will want to take advantage of. Although there are only two options, card holders of either card gain access to exclusive deals and enjoy 10% back in reward dollars for every $200 they spend at Crate&Barrel. The store makes it easy for customers to manage their accounts by offering online access to make payments. Credit card holders can also enjoy exclusive access to events and other perks at the store. In addition, there are no annual fees on either card.

Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go
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Room To Go is another affordable store to buy furniture. However, Rooms To Go offers plenty of ways that customers can pay for their purchases and make their interior design dreams come to life. Customers know Room To Go for its expansive section for kids and teenagers, and with its various flexible spending options, they do not have to feel limited on what they can buy. Not only can customers pay by using gift cards and PayPal, but they can also apply for the Rooms To Go in-store credit card. 

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn
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If you’re looking for high-end furniture but need flexible financial options, Pottery Barn offers great deals with the Pottery Barn Credit Card. With no annual fee, customers can use their credit card to make those bigger purchases that require a little bit of extra time to pay off. Card holders can earn rewards wherever they shop, including Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn Teen. You can also inquire about special financing options for larger purchases. In addition, card holders receive exclusive perks, such as sneak peeks, limited edition items, and early access to sales. This is the perfect option for those who want to elevate their interior design for the entire family, as Pottery Barn offers some of the best quality furniture in the country.  

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